Void Walker

Data Analysis #395, PD 17-9-2255 

STATUS - Non Conclusive (Perished in Colony Destruction)

During the expedition to the unexplored district Nova-1 located off the belt of Ocurra. An exploration team aboard the Mining Ship AVALON uncovered an unidentified substance that lingered in only the darkest of shadows. At first the organism seemed distant and vigilant while slowly approaching the deep space crew.

First contact was made at the touch of a crew members hand. The Unnamed Species begun to transform. Evolving into and mimicking the crew members appearance. Out of fear the crew took first strike against the Unknown. Loud screeching pierced the ears of the crew muffling the sound of gunfire. 

Silence fell. The Unknown faded to mist on the floor.

The Crew left Nova-1 on journey to return to Colony. On arrival auto-pilot guided the AVALON to the dock.

No Crew was aboard... 

Search teams where unable to locate any of the crew aboard AVALON. In flight data only recalls a purple mist covering all live feeds. The only item to be recovered was Commander Paladin's Primary Firearm. The firearm was believed to have changed from the standard issue AK17 Commander Paladin had obtained before the mission to contain signs of purple and space like engravings. The Firearm was placed in a museum located on The Colony after being deemed as non lethal by The C.A.A.

Since The Destruction of The Colony in 2360 many artefacts have gone missing. Some where found and located in Forum Sales or discovered in Waste depots.

Commander Paladin's primary firearm was never been located.